Immunizing with synthetic peptides offers a useful method of generating antibodies against specific epitopes on a target protein. By affinity purifying antiserum against the immunizing peptide, Monospecific polyclonal antibodies can be obtained that have specificity similar to monoclonal antibodies. Pacific Immunology®’s comprehensive Monospecific and Phosphospecific packages include everything needed to obtain these purified antibodies.

Key Points:

  • Solid Phase and Solution Phase peptide synthesis
  • Automated and manual synthesis technologies
  • Quality Assurance by Mass Spectrometry and HPLC
  • All unused peptide returned to client
  • 2-3 week turnaround on most peptides

Selection of Peptide Sequences:
Pacific Immunology® offers antigen design assistance at no additional charge to help maximize the probability that antibodies against the peptide sequence will recognize the native protein. Please visit the Antigen Design page to learn more about this process.

Conjugation of Peptides to Carrier Proteins:
Because peptides are too small to generate an immune response by themselves, conjugation to a carrier protein will be required for immunizations. Pacific Immunology® recommends coupling peptides to KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin). For most projects, this will require 3-5 mg of peptide.

Peptide Purity:
For generation of high-affinity custom antibodies, immunograde purity peptide (approximately 60-70% purity) is sufficient.

Peptide Quantity:
For a typical project, 3-5 mg of peptide will be required for conjugation to the carrier protein. An ELISA assay will require up to 1 mg and Affinity Purification will typically require 5-7 mg.

Basic Peptide Synthesis Services:

Purity Yield (mg) Price / Residue
Crude (Immunograde) 35-55 mg $20.00
100-125 mg $25.00
>70% 5-10 mg $27.00
25-35 mg $30.00
>80% 5-10 mg $32.00
20-30 mg $35.00
>90% 5-10 mg $37.00
20 mg $40.00
>95% 1-5 mg $42.00
10-20 mg $45.00
>98% Please inquire…

Please note that final pricing may differ depending on the length and complexity of the sequence. Please contact a specialist for a formal quotation.

Peptide Modifications:

Description Price
Acetylation $35.00
Ahx Price of one residue
Amidation on C terminus $40.00
Biotin $60.00
Bodipy Depends on Sequence
Conjugation (KLH, BSA) $200.00
Coumarin Depends on Sequence
Cy Dyes Depends on Sequence
Cyclization (Cys-Cys Bridge) $275.00
Dabcyl $165.00
Dansyl on N terminus $90.00
DNP (dinitriophenyl group) $80.00
EDANS $165.00
Fluorescein: 5-FAM & FITC $160.00
Myristic Acid $155.00
Palmytolic Acid $155.00
Phosphorylation Serine (PO3) $250.00
Phosphorylation Tyrosine (PO3) $200.00
Phosphorylation Threonine (PO3) $250.00
Rhodamine B $155.00
TAMRA (Tetramethylrhodamine) $255.00
Texas Red Depends on Sequence
Tyrosine (SO3) $320.00

Please note that prices are for a single modification and that final yields may be affected in some cases.