Do Accelerated Antibody Production Protocols Work?

Given the increasingly fast pace with which research is conducted, it’s natural to try to develop custom antibodies as quickly as possible. This has led to the introduction of accelerated protocols that promise ready-to-use antibodies in as little as 28 days. Unfortunately, these short protocols are simply marketing gimmicks that will ultimately disappoint the researcher…. Continue Reading

Tips for Sending your Antigen

While details on how to prepare your antigen are provided in our Resources section, here are a few quick considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your antigen arrives safely at our facility: Please send the antigen in a Styrofoam container (no shipping envelopes) with ice packs or dry ice. Please wrap paraffin around… Continue Reading

Do I Need a Monoclonal Antibody?

Monoclonal antibodies are excellent tools in terms of ensuring a long-term, reproducible supply of an epitope-specific antibody. However, for many of our customers’ applications, monospecific antibodies are a more cost-effective solution. Monoclonal antibodies provide two key advantages – 1) antibodies from the single clone are specific to a single epitope (a unit of 5-7 amino… Continue Reading