Pacific Immunology® Services

Focus on your research and let the custom antibody experts at Pacific Immunology® produce the antibody that you need to run your assays. For over 50 years, Pacific Immunology® has specialized in the production of custom antibodies for researchers around the world. During this time, we have manufactured tens of thousands of antibodies for use in research studies and commercial diagnostic tests. We save you time and money by offering comprehensive packages that include everything needed to get a working antibody. For a fraction of the cost of a typical monoclonal antibody project, our popular Monospecific package delivers similar specificity combined with the superior affinity of polyclonal antibodies.

Our Services

Custom Antibody Production Services

Custom antibodies can be generated against customer-supplied antigens or peptide sequences that Pacific Immunology® designs and synthesizes.

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Antibody Purification Services

Affinity or IgG Purification of serum maximizes the specificity of custom antibodies and minimizes or eliminates cross reactivity in assays.

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Peptide Synthesis

Synthetic peptides allow for the generation of highly specific custom antibodies against targeted epitopes on the native protein.

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Antibody Characterization Services

ELISA confirms the immune response against the antigen. Pre-run Western Blots allow rapid characterization of the antibody against a unique library of proteins.

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antibody labeling

Antibody Labeling Services

Conjugation of custom antibodies to labels such as Biotin or FITC allows for direct detection of the antibody and eliminates the need for secondary antibodies.

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