Our Company

Pacific Immunology® is a USA biotech company located in San Diego, California that specializes in the production of custom antibodies for researchers around the world. Our facility, established in 1972, is fully NIH and USDA compliant and has helped tens of thousands of scientists obtain the antibodies that they need to run experiments, publish research and develop commercial diagnostic tests.

Our Process


Determine The Antigen to Target




Immunizations Begin

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The first step in developing a custom antibody is to choose between immunizing with a peptide sequence or a full-length protein. For peptides, Pacific Immunology will analyze the protein sequence and recommend the best sequences to use. For proteins, please review the Antigen Preparation Guidelines for details on how to send the protein to us.

Once the antigen has been selected, Pacific Immunology will create a quotation based on the Package chosen, sequence(s) selected and the relevant shipping and handling costs. With this information, please complete the PDF order form and submit via email or include a copy when sending your protein to us.

Once Pacific Immunology has received or synthesized the antigen (peptides will typically take 2-3 weeks to synthesize and conjugate), immunizations can begin immediately. At this point, a copy of the Project Report will be provided, which includes the bleed/immunization protocol and the dates when shipments will occur.

Pacific Immunology typically ships serum after each bleed is collected (for international clients, serum is typically shipped in one or two shipments to reduce shipping costs). An ELISA is usually run on the first production bleed to verify the immune response. If purifications or other services have been ordered, these will be performed on the specified dates.

Exsanguination Bleeds are added to most projects and provide additional serum while automatically terminating the project. Projects can also be extended or terminated without exsanguination bleeds. Please request these services prior to the 4th production bleed to avoid additional charges.


Antibody Ships


Extend or Finish The Project

Developing a custom antibody for the first time can seem like an overwhelming task. However, by outsourcing this to the antibody experts at Pacific Immunology®, you can join thousands of other scientists who have chosen to trust our company to provide them with the antibodies that they need. This diagram gives a complete overview of what to expect from start to finish on a custom project.

Why Pacific Immunology?

With over 50 years of experience in generating custom antibodies, Pacific Immunology® offers numerous benefits for developing your custom antibody:

  • Our industry leading titer guarantees of 1:50,000 eliminate the risk of not obtaining antibodies against peptide antigens.
  • Our innovative antigen prediction algorithms maximize the probability of targeting peptide sequences that correspond to exposed regions of native proteins.
  • Our economies of scale allow us to pass cost savings to you and help maximize your budget.
  • 100% of services are performed in the USA.
  • Antibodies from our facility have been cited in thousands of published research papers.
  • By outsourcing antibody production and characterization needs to us, you can spend more time focused on your research.
  • Our comprehensive packages simplifying ordering and billing.
  • Our unique collaboration with Protein Biotechnologies® gives you unparalleled access to the world’s largest collection of human tissue lysates.
  • We are the only custom antibody manufacturer to have developed its own line of premium adjuvants – AdjuLite™.
  • Our AdjuLite™ adjuvant provides superior presentation of the immunogen while requiring lower immunization volumes. Antibody titers and affinity are maximized while stress for the animal is minimized.
  • Our ideal location in San Diego, California ensures that animals benefit from outdoor facilities and mild year-round temperatures.
  • Our Monospecific antibody production program generates epitope-specific polyclonal antibodies with superior affinity to monoclonal antibodies and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Confidentiality is a top priority for all projects. Antibodies that we manufacture belong to you and will not be commercialized.