For characterization and preparation of custom antibodies for use in assays, Pacific Immunology® offers the following immunochemistry services:

Pacific Immunology® offers ELISA services to measure antibody titers against the immunizing antigen and confirm that a specific immune response has occurred. The antigen is bound to the surface of a polystyrene well, blocked to reduce non specific binding, incubated with various dilutions of the test serum and allowed to react with enzyme linked secondary antibody to the appropriate species being tested. The final stage shows color development due to reaction between the enzyme conjugate and the appropriate substrate. Pacific Immunology® recommends running an ELISA on the first production bleed of peptide projects before proceeding with affinity purifications.

Price: $100.00 per bleed (covers two rabbits/chickens or 1 goat)

Protein Analysis Test Strips:
Pacific Immunology® is proud to offer antibody characterization services using Protein Biotechnologies® unique and extensive collection of human, mouse, rat and cell protein lysates.

Dip-N-Blots™ are pre-run Western blots in an innovative dipstick format that allows for the rapid characterization of custom antibodies against multiple samples from this collection.

Dip-N-Spots™ are pre-run protein arrays that are also in an innovative dipstick format that allows us to quickly assay custom antibodies against multiple whole protein samples.

By specifying which samples you would like to test, you can avoid the time and expense of running these assays yourself. Pacific Immunology® obtains the strips, assays them against your custom antibody and provides the tested strips along with your shipment of custom antibody.

Price: Varies

Western Blots:
Pacific Immunology can run Western Blots using up to 12 customer-supplied samples to help characterize the antibody. For best results, we recommend using affinity-purified antibody to avoid cross reactivity and non-specific bands.

Price: Varies