Tips for Sending your Antigen

While details on how to prepare your antigen are provided in our Resources section, here are a few quick considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your antigen arrives safely at our facility:

  • Please send the antigen in a Styrofoam container (no shipping envelopes) with ice packs or dry ice.
  • Please wrap paraffin around the cap of the vial containing the antigen and place the vial into a ziploc bag to contain any leakage from the vial.
  • It isn’t necessary to aliquot the antigen – this will be done when preparing the first immunization.
  • Please enclose a copy of the order form in the box and list the antigen identification, quantity and concentration where indicated.

By keeping these strategies in mind, we can help ensure that the antigen arrives safely and can be used to start immunizations right away.