Titer Guarantees:
To help minimize the risk with developing a custom antibody, we are happy to offer one of the highest antibody titer guarantees in the industry of at least 1:50,000 in one rabbit against any peptide sequence that we recommend, synthesize and conjugate for immunizations.

In rare cases, we may advise customers that extremely hydrophobic or highly conserved sequences may develop antibody titers below this level because of their low potential immunogenicity. If this is the case, this risk will be clearly stated upfront so that another sequence can be chosen if desired. Even with riskier sequences, it is extremely rare that we don’t see an immune response.

For customer-supplied antigens, because of the large number of epitopes being presented to the animal’s immune system, it is also rare that we don’t see an immune response against the antigen. However, because we don’t have control over how the antigen is prepared, and running an ELISA against the antigen isn’t always possible, we are unable to offer these same titer guarantees. Following the guidelines outlined in our Antigen Preparation Guidelines should help eliminate most risks.

It is important to clarify that while we can guarantee antibody titers against the peptide being immunized, we can’t guarantee that antibodies against that peptide will be able to recognize the native protein in a particular assay. It is possible to have great antibodies against a peptide sequence, but not be able to recognize the corresponding epitopes on the native protein if that region of the protein is blocked in a particular conformation.

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