Here is a standard set of details required for completing an NIH grant application when ordering custom antibody development services.

NIH and USDA Numbers

  • NIH OLAW Assurance #: A4182-01
  • USDA Registration #: 93-R-283

Rabbit Processing
The rabbits are bled and immunized without any anesthesia. Stainless steel restrainers are used to hold the rabbits for bleeding.

Two rabbits, approximately three months of age, either sex, are used for each polyclonal antibody project.

Veterinary care is provided by the IACUC veterinarian or other qualified veterinarians.

Rabbits are observed daily, and intake of food and water is monitored.

Any health problems are reported immediately and treated accordingly.

Rabbits are restrained in squeeze type restrainers for immunizations and bleeds.

Procedures used for immunization and bleeds are considered in the category of minimum pain and discomfort, and require no analgesia, anesthetic, or tranquilizing drugs.

All procedures are performed by experienced laboratory technicians.

At the completion of the study, euthanasia of the rabbits is performed with intravenous injection of Euthasol euthanasia solution, following manufacturers and veterinary recommendations of dosage of 1 ml for each 10 lbs. of body weight.

Euthanasia by intravenous injection of an overdose of pentobarbital sodium in combination with phenytoin sodium is consistent with the recommendations of the Panel on Euthanasia of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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