The following citations highlight custom antibodies that have been developed by Pacific Immunology® and successfully used by researchers to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

Association and evidence for linked recognition of type IV secretion system proteins VirB9-1, VirB9-2, and VirB10 in Anaplasma marginale

… diluted 1:500. A negative control rabbit antiserum was made by Pacific Immunology, using Freund complete and incomplete adjuvants and a fragment of a B. bovis nuclear-encoded protein, acyl carrier protein (ACP). The ACP …
K Morse, J Norimine, GH Palmer, EL Sutten… –
Infection and …, 2012 – Am Soc Microbiol

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… Peptide synthesis, animal immunizations, generation and purification of the antibody were done by Pacific Immunology ((Ramona, CA, USA)) Some of the tissue collection and nucleic acid extraction were performed by Dr. Peter Moore and his lab staff. …
M Neta –
2011 –

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Molecular mechanism of calcium channel regulation in the fight-or-flight response

… cDNA constructs (28), antibody against Ca V 1.2, and antibody against pS 1928 (20) were described previously. Phosphospecific antibody against Ca V 1.2-pS 1700 was generated against residues 1694 EIRRAIpSGDLTAEEEL in the proximal C terminus (Pacific Immunology). …
MD Fuller, MA Emrick, M Sadilek, T Scheuer… –
Science’s …, 2010 –

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A Drosophila Model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Uncouples snRNP Biogenesis Functions of Survival Motor Neuron from Locomotion and Viability Defects

… Western analysis was performed using standard protocols. Rabbit anti-dSMN serum was generated by injecting rabbits with purified full-length dSMN protein (Pacific Immunology Corp., Ramona, CA, USA) and was subsequently affinity purified. …
K Praveen, Y Wen, AG Matera –
Cell Reports, 2012 – Elsevier

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MAHRP2, an exported protein of Plasmodium falciparum, is an essential component of Maurer’s cleft tethers

… with PBS resuspended in Laemmli sample buffer. Generation of MAHRP1C and MAHRP2C rabbit polyclonal antibodies. Rabbit antisera were produced by Pacific Immunology, Ramona CA, USA. In short, for each protein two …
E Pachlatko, S Rusch, A Müller… –
Molecular …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library

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