The following citations highlight custom antibodies that have been developed by Pacific Immunology® and successfully used by researchers to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

PPEY Motif within the Rabies Virus (RV) Matrix Protein Is Essential for Efficient Virion Release and RV Pathogenicity

… Sigma. Polyclonal rabbit antiserum against residues 4 to 19 of RV M was obtained from Pacific Immunology (Ramona, CA), and rabbit antiserum against RV G was kindly provided by B. Dietzschold, Thomas Jefferson University. …
Christoph Wirblich,1,2 Gene S. Tan,1 Amy Papaneri,1,2 Peter J. Godlewski,3 Jan Marc Orenstein,4 Ronald N. Harty,3* and Matthias J. Schnell1,2*
J Virol. 2008 October; 82(19): 9730–9738.

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Nucleolar protein B23/nucleophosmin regulates the vertebrate SUMO pathway through SENP3 + SENP5 proteases

… agarose beads. Polyclonal antibodies against human SENP3 and SEN5 and against xSENP3 were generated in rabbits (Covance). Anti-xB23/nucleophosmin antibodies were generated in rabbits (Pacific Immunology). In all …
Chawon Yun, Yonggang Wang, Debaditya Mukhopadhyay, Peter Backlund, Nagamalleswari Kolli, Alfred Yergey, Keith D. Wilkinson, Mary Dasso
JCB vol. 183 no. 4 589-595 The Rockefeller University Press, doi: 10.1083/jcb.200807185

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Neospora caninum: Cloning and expression of a gene coding for cytokine-inducing profilin

… Antisera specific for recombinant NcProfilin were prepared by a commercial company (Pacific Immunology, Ramona, CA) by immunizing 2 New Zealand White rabbits with 250 lg. …
Mark C. Jenkins a,*, Wenbin Tuo a, Xiaosheng Feng a, Lili Cao a, Charles Murphy b, Raymond Fetterer
Experimental Parasitology 125 (2010) 357–362 Available online 6 March 2010

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Modulation of redox homeostasis under suboptimal conditions by Arabidopsis nudix hydrolase 7

… The membrane was incubated for one hour on a shaker at room temperature with a 1:2000 dilution of primary polyclonal anti-rabbit AtNudt7 antibodies (Pacific Immunology Corp.) in Tris-buffered saline, pH 7.6, containing 0.1% Tween 20 and 5% skim milk. …
Niranjani Jambunathan1, Anuradha Penaganti1, Yuhong Tang2, Ramamurthy Mahalingam1*
Jambunathan et al. BMC Plant Biology 2010, 10:173

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Misexpression of Pou3f1 Results in Peripheral Nerve Hypomyelination and Axonal Loss

… The affinity-purified polyclonal HA antibody was generated by immunizing a rabbit with the synthetic peptide CYPYDVPDYASL (Pacific Immunology, Ramona, CA). When necessary, immunoblots were stripped in a stripping buffer…
Elizabeth J. Ryu,1 James Y. T. Wang,1 Nam Le,1 Robert H. Baloh,2,3 Jason A. Gustin,1 Robert E. Schmidt,1,2 and Jeffrey Milbrandt1,2,3
11552 • The Journal of Neuroscience, October 24, 2007 • 27(43):11552–11559

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