PPEY Motif within the Rabies Virus (RV) Matrix Protein Is Essential for Efficient Virion Release and RV Pathogenicity

… Sigma. Polyclonal rabbit antiserum against residues 4 to 19 of RV M was obtained from Pacific Immunology (Ramona, CA), and rabbit antiserum against RV G was kindly provided by B. Dietzschold, Thomas Jefferson University. …
Christoph Wirblich,1,2 Gene S. Tan,1 Amy Papaneri,1,2 Peter J. Godlewski,3 Jan Marc Orenstein,4 Ronald N. Harty,3* and Matthias J. Schnell1,2*
J Virol. 2008 October; 82(19): 9730–9738.

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