The following citations highlight custom antibodies that have been developed by Pacific Immunology® and successfully used by researchers to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.

Box H/ACA snoRNAs are preferred substrates for the trimethylguanosine synthase in the divergent unicellular eukaryote Trichomonas vaginalis

… G + m 2,2,7 G), was estimated. Rabbit polyclonal antibody anti-TvTgs and immunodepletion. Rabbit polyclonal antibody against TvTgs was produced by Pacific Immunology. TvTgs-specific antibody was purified from the last …
A Simoes-Barbosa, K Chakrabarti, M Pearson… –
RNA, 2012 –

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Role of EscU auto-cleavage in promoting type III effector translocation into host cells by enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

… Anti-CesT polyclonal antibodies were raised in New Zealand white rabbits against a synthetic peptide (LENEHMKIEEISSSDNK) corresponding to the C-terminal region of CesT (Pacific Immunology, CA, USA, [NIH Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A4182-01]). …
JL Thomassin, X He, NA Thomas –
BMC microbiology, 2011 –

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Localization of Melatonin Receptor 1 in Mouse Retina and Its Role in the Circadian Regulation of the Electroretinogram and Dopamine Levels

… The novel polyclonal MT 1 receptor antibody used in this study was designed to target the C-terminal of the mouse MT 1 (C-LQVRRRVKPDNKPKLKPQD: 218–236, GenBank accession number NC_000074), and was raised in rabbits (Pacific Immunology Corp, Ramona, CA). …
A Sengupta, K Baba, F Mazzoni, NV Pozdeyev… –
PloS one, 2011 –

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Stress alters the cellular and proteomic compartments of bovine bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

… Membranes were probed with rabbit anti-bovine odorant-binding protein (OBP) serum (rabbits immunized with a synthetic bovine odorant-binding peptide fragment, Pacific Immunology Corporation, San Diego, CA) or rabbit anti-bovine haptoglobin polyclonal antibody (Cat. No. …
GB Mitchell, ME Clark, M Siwicky, JL Caswell –
Veterinary immunology and …, 2008 – Elsevier

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A novel CARD containing splice-isoform of CIITA regulates nitric oxide synthesis in dendritic cells

… Antibodies DC-CASPIC specific rabbit polyclonal antibody was raised against the unique C terminus of DC-CASPIC by Pacific Immunology Corp (CA). Synthetic peptide “ terminus of DC-CASPIC by Pacific Immunology Corp (CA). Synthetic peptide “
Dachuan Huang, Sylvia Lim, Rong Yuan Ray Chua, Hong Shi, Mah Lee Ng, Siew Heng Wong
Protein & Cell, 2010 – Springer

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