Mutualistic Polydnaviruses Share Essential Replication Gene Functions with Pathogenic Ancestors

…A polyclonal antibody was then produced by a commercial service (Pacific Immunology) which generated antisera in rabbits by immunizing with ca. 500 µg of affinity purified truncated LEF-9. Antiserum was then purified by nitrocellulose-based immunoaffinity chromatography as previously outlined [65], [66]. The resulting antibody was then used in immunoblotting experiments with control and lef-9 knockdown wasps…
Gaelen R. Burke mail, Sarah A. Thomas, Jai H. Eum, Michael R. Strand
PLoS Pathog 9(5): e1003348. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1003348 May 9, 2013

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