Mouse Skeletal Muscle Fiber-Type-Specific Macroautophagy and Muscle Wasting Are Regulated by a Fyn/STAT3/Vps34 Signaling Pathway

… pY261-LKB1 antibody was produced by Pacific Immunology Co (Ramona, CA, USA). Leupeptin was from Fisher Bioreagents (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). All other reagents were from Sigma. pRC/CMV-Flag-S …
Eijiro Yamada1, 2, Claire C. Bastie1, 4, Hiroshi Koga3, Yichen Wang2, Ana Maria Cuervo1, 3 and Jeffrey E. Pessin
Cell Reports, Volume 1, Issue 5, 557-569, 03 May 2012

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