Genomic organization and expression profile of the mucin-associated surface protein (masp) family of the human pathogen Trypanosoma cruzi

… immunogenicity; (iii) specificity of peptide to MASP. Using the above criteria, we have synthesized peptide 7 (Cys-QHQQHEH-(P/S)-AENGEESAKDK) (Pacific Immunology Corp., San Diego, CA). A cysteine residue was added to …
Daniella C. Bartholomeu,1* Gustavo C. Cerqueira,2,3,4 Ana Carolina A. Leão,1 Wanderson D. daRocha,5 Fabiano S. Pais,5 Camila Macedo,2,4 Appolinaire Djikeng,6 Santuza M. R. Teixeira,5 and Najib M. El-Sayed2,3,4*
Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 June; 37(10): 3407–3417.

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