Fibril specific, conformation dependent antibodies recognize a generic epitope common to amyloid fibrils and fibrillar oligomers that is absent in prefibrillar oligomers

… the methods described [27]. The antigens were each used to immunize two New Zealand white rabbits (Pacific Immunology Corp., Ramona, CA, 92065) according to protocols approved by IACUC. Each rabbit immunized with …
Rakez Kayed1 , Elizabeth Head2 , Floyd Sarsoza2 , Tommy Saing2 , Carl W Cotman2 , Mihaela Necula1 , Lawrence Margol1 , Jessica Wu1 , Leonid Breydo1 , Jennifer L Thompson1 , Suhail Rasool1 , Tatyana Gurlo3 , Peter Butler3 and Charles G Glabe
Molecular Neurodegeneration 2007, 2:18

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