Evolution of the Human Gastrokine Locus and Confounding Factors Regarding the Pseudogenicity of Gkn3

…In a screen for genes expressed specifically in gastric mucous neck cells, we identified GKN3, the recently discovered third member of the gastrokine family. We present confirmatory mouse data and novel porcine data showing that mouse GKN3 expression is confined to mucous cells of the corpus neck and antrum base and is prominently expressed in metaplastic lesions…
Jessica H. Geahlen1, Carlo Lapid1, Kaisa Thorell2, Igor Nikolskiy1, Won Jae Huh1, Edward L Oates1, Jochen K.M. Lennerz3, Xiaolin Tian1, Victoria G. Weis4, Shradha S Khurana1, Samuel B Lundin2, Alan R Templeton1, and Jason C Mills
Physiological Genomics May 28, 2013, doi: 10.​1152/​physiolgenomics.​00169.​2012

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