A detergent-free strategy for the reconstitution of active enzyme complexes from native biological membranes into nanoscale discs

…For immunodetection of mitochondrial proteins, samples were resuspended in SIB and solubilized with DDM or SMA as indicated. Following transfer onto nitrocellulose membranes, Western blotting was performed with primary antibodies against the Sdh3 subunit of respiratory Complex II (Pacific Immunology) or against the Tim50 subunit of the TIM23 Complex (a gift from Dr. Dejana Mokranjac) and Amersham ECL Plex Cy5-conjugated secondary antibodies.
Ashley R Long1, Catherine C O’Brien1, Ketan Malhotra1, Christine T Schwall1, Arlene D Albert1, Anthony Watts2 and Nathan N Alder
BMC Biotechnology 2013, 13:41 doi:10.1186/1472-6750-13-41

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