Identification of novel breast cancer‐associated transcripts by uniGene database mining and gene expression analysis in normal and malignant cells

… BUC11 Immunohistochemistry in Testis and Breast Cancer Tissues. A custom-made polyclonal monospecific rabbit anti-BUC11 antibody (Pacific Immunology, CA) was tested on testis (cancer and normal) tissue microarray purchased from US Biomax (TE241). …
Stéphanie A.-S. Laversin1,†, Vinaya M. Phatak1,†, Des G. Powe1,2, Geng Li1,3, Amanda K. Miles1, David C. Hughes4, Graham R. Ball1, Ian O. Ellis2, Angelos D. Gritzapis5, Ioannis Missitzis6, Stéphanie E. B. McArdle1, Robert C. Rees1
Genes Chromosom. Cancer. doi: 10.1002/gcc.22031

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