Discovery of Glucocorticoid Receptor-β in Mice with a Role in Metabolism

… A rabbit polyclonal antibody to mGRβ via the method used to produce antibody to hGRβ (33). A peptide corresponding to amino acids 733–748 (VSTKHKSKTTAKKKK) at the C terminus of the mGRβ protein was synthesized and purified by Pacific Immunology (Ramona, CA). …
Terry D. Hinds, Jr., Sadeesh Ramakrishnan, Harrison A. Cash, Lance A. Stechschulte, Garrett Heinrich, Sonia M. Najjar and Edwin R. Sanchez
Molecular Endocrinology, doi:10.1210/me.2009-0411Molecular Endocrinology 24 (9): 1715-1727

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